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You know how I sometimes get really excited about a book? Well, I hate to disappoint with more of the same, but I'm not even going to attempt to hold back on my fangirl love for this book!

Two Truths and a Lie is like that "getting to know you" game you've either made your students play, have played with colleagues, or have avoided because you don't have cool enough truths...the last one is not me...
Anyway, the book is like the game in that the authors had to find the perfect balance of hard to believe truth with a well told and believable lie. And the result is 100% awesome!

First off, the cover. I think it's safe to say it would grab anyone's attention! Oh! And is that a subtitle I see? "It's Alive!" Does that mean there are going to be more to come?! Fingers crossed.

The book is separated into chapters that contain 3 stories. With chapter titles like:
"Crazy Plants"
"Creepy Plants"
"Cool Plants"

Readers will be hooked.

The text is easy to navigate, has great photos to accompany, and has more tricky-fun fact boxes to test your skills on narrowing in on the hoax.

The back of the book contains a section broken down by section that elaborates on the lie from each chapter. Reading this section is just as fun as reading the stories.

At 176 pages you might be craving more, but think of your readers that will find that a just-right amount of text to work through. (And remember my theory about more to come...)

So, I leave you with this:

Here is a nonfiction book that adults and children will LOVE.
In the off chance that someone is not reading your copy, it will look awesome sitting face-out on your shelf because the cover rocks.
Accessible text with plenty of those nonfiction features you love to teach about.
Stories that you will want to read aloud. And not just to prove that you are crazy smart and can spot all the lies, because you might be surprised...

There you have it. Go buy this book. You're welcome.

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  1. This book sounds fascinating! Can't wait to read it. I'm glad to see it will be a series.

    1. The book is awesome, that part is 100% true! The series bit is just my speculation ;)

    2. No speculation: This is indeed the first book in a series! :)

  2. Thank you so much for participating in the blog tour, Nicole, and for the fun review! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!! =D


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