Cybils Nominations in Fiction Picture Books and Board Books (10-4-17)

Welcome to my first round of judging for the Cybils! I will be sharing *short* reviews/thoughts of some of the books that are nominated for the award in my category: Fiction Picture Books and Board Books. Though I may love many books, only a few will be added to my short list, which I cannot share-how secretive and exciting!

Fiction Picture Books:

So sweet. A simply put story about love and loss between cats. Reminds me of The Grannyman by Judy Schachner.

I will be reading this to the 3rd graders! It would be fun to read as text only, letting kids imagine the fierce barbarians, and to then read it with the pictures after. 

This would be a sweet addition to an Easter basket! Sweet little book about eggs hatching. For the younger end.

For younger readers and listeners. I probably won't read this one to the 3rd graders. It would be fun to tie in with Dot Day though, since it celebrates all things round. 

Cute and silly, repetitive, which is good for small listeners, not so good for me. I enjoyed the illustrations and am NOT being silly or snide when I say that I also like the paper it is printed on. Texture is important in a book, and this one has nice texture.

Oh my goodness. Go get a copy to read! So funny, so adorable, but also so important! I will be reading this aloud to the 3rd graders this week!

Ok, this is too fun (and funny) not to read aloud. I will certainly have to test this one on the 3rd graders!

Board Book:

Adorable! Brought a smile to my face for sure. I look forward to reading this to my 3 year old, as he will probably find the silly surprise shapes to be hilarious!


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