Christmas Picture Books!

What a delight to open a box full of Christmas books! I was truly zipped right back to childhood as I poured through the pages of these books. I look forward to sharing these books with my students, my own children, and anyone else looking for new holiday titles!
Do you have a special way of displaying your holiday books? As a child my mother had wrapped the top and bottom of a large sturdy box and it held our Christmas books. I remember being so excited to see that box each year. The magic never faded. I was gifted a lovely painted wooden crate for my family's holiday books. I hold such fondness to my childhood memory that I also plan to recreate it for my own children. Luckily I have a book collection habit, so we will more than fill both book storage options! 

If you're looking to keep building your holiday book collection, check out these new offerings from Candlewick Press. Then, enter below for a chance to win one!

My 3 year old is obsessed with the original edition of this story. He is going to flip when he sees this special edition! 

Matt Tavares is from Maine, which means that from time to time our paths cross...when I hunt him down for book signings. Tavares' artwork is stunning, always, so I couldn't have been more exited to find out that he was working on a Christmas book!
Red and Lulu, a pair of cardinals, live happily in a large pine tree in the suburbs, until their tree is eyed for a special purpose. Problems arise when Red and Lulu become separated. 

I first thought this was an Elf on the Shelf story, but it is not. This one I'd recommend for the crowd under 7. A young girl wakes up on Christmas Eve, hears noises downstairs, and creeps down to investigate.

Adorable board book with moving parts. I had fun sharing this one with my 3 year old!

Follows the story of a fairy learning to be a Christmas fairy. Things don't go so smoothly for this little fairy.

Perhaps my new favorite of the year! From picking the tree to decorating the tree, what's not to love? One of the most exciting parts of preparing for Christmas is depicted in vintage inspired illustrations that I just love!

If you are a fan of this series I know you'll be excited to get your hands on this one! Bear has agreed to have a Christmas party but he's never had one before. His idea of what happens at the party might just differ from Mouse's ideas.

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  1. Since you mentioned Elf on the Shelf, what's your opinion of that one? I didn't care for it, myself. It seems like it places too much stress on perpetuating Santa.

    1. Elf on the Shelf was never a tradition in my household, so I only know about it second hand. It's hard to weigh in when I only know one side. I do think the holidays can bring out some craziness, but I deeply believe that the magic of childhood is fleeting, and don't think poorly of families that choose to keep magic alive! Do I want the little elf spy living in my house, not really...I can't handle that kind of stress ;)

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