It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 2-5-18

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Books I Read this Week:

They Didn't Teach this in Worm School: One Worm's Tale of Survival
by Simone Lia
Candlewick Press, 2018 (Feb. 13th)
192 pages
Recommended for grades 3-5

Marcus the worm is almost eaten for breakfast by Laurence the bird (that looks like a chicken but thinks he is a flamingo)...Marcus uses quick wit and smooth talking to convince Laurence that they should travel to Africa so Laurence can be with his true kind.

The book is super silly, not the kind that I particularly enjoy...but I was wrong about how popular Fortunately, the Milk turned out to be...soooo, who knows.

Wishtree by Katherine Applegate, illustrated by Charles Santoso
Feiwel & Friends, 2017
215 pages
Recommended for: Everyone! Grades 3+

What a beautiful story, from start to finish. Narrated by the tree, we are taken on a short journey of great importance. The theme of tolerance ripples in and out of the tree's story, sometimes highlighting the humans living around her throughout the years, sometimes highlighting nature's creatures and processes. This is the kind of book entire units can be created around. The kind of book that brings people together and broadens perspectives.

Whose Moon is That? by Kim Krans
Random House, 2017
36 pages

Whose moon is that? The cat, bear, and bird all think it belongs to them, and they are not the only ones. The simple text is brought to life with stunning illustrations. I shared this with my students and each page was a delight.

Alfie by Thyra Heder
Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2017
48 pages

My third graders loved this one! Adorable illustrations, and a fun dual perspective story. The fact that it is based loosely on the author's real pet turtle made it that much more fun!

I'm Currently Reading:

Candlewick Press, Feb 13th

On Deck:

First Second, Feb. 13th

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  1. Some of the books that teachers don't appreciate that much, kids really do! Sounds like that could be the case with They Didn't Teach This Worm in School.

    1. Oh, for sure! I am going to be putting this into kids' hands to find out just how wrong I am ;)

  2. Alfie! That covers just speaks to me, so cute!

    And oh my goodness yes, so many books that were just "meh" to me just get snapped up by students - just goes to remind me that I haven't been the target audience for several decades. :-D

    1. The illustrations for Alfie are so darling! There is one in particular that will make you "awe" out loud :)

      And to your second point, HAHA! Yes, I guess I am *slightly* older than the target audience!

  3. They Didn't Teach this in Worm School: One Worm's Tale of Survival looks cute. Hoping my library gets it. I put Wishtree on hold. Thanks for these recommendations.

    1. You're so welcome. I think you will adore Wishtree!

  4. Wishtree is such an important book!
    The illustrations in Whose moon is that? are just gorgeous! My seven month old granddaughter was mesmerized by them.

    1. Yes, and Yes! Whose Moon is That is one of those books that I struggle between keeping for my own home or keeping at school. The struggle is SO real. ;)

  5. One of my good friends, teacher educator Nancy Johnson, visited my higher-degree class and conducted an hour-long lecture where she read aloud from the Wishtree - which reminds me I should find it and read it soonest!

    1. Oh wow, I bet that was fantastic! You would love the story. There is a gentle power to it. It's lovely.


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