Bat and the Waiting Game: Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Bat is back! I first posted about my love for this character a year ago this month when we met Bat for the first time. To see what I thought about A Boy Called Bat, visit this post.

I found the second book in the BAT series to be as readable and lovable as the first. Bat might not commonly be described as a common third grader, but I kind of feel like he is in more ways than he isn't. So many kids will relate to Bat's every-other-weekends between parents, the love-hate relationship between he and his sister, and his nurturing love of animals. And dare I say, the way Bat often overlooks the feelings of others is something that many kids his age are guilty of. We all have things to learn from Bat and from the characters around him that gently guide him through his daily life.

Bat's mother is so sweet and patient with Bat. She is the mother that I hope I am, more often than not. I loved reading the passages where Dr. Tam would lower to Bat, speak softly, gently apply pressure to parts of Bat's body, and slowly bring him down to a more regulated sense of self. At the same time, we read how it felt from Bat's perspective, so we could slowly feel the changes as described by Bat.

Yesterday we spent some time talking about Bat in my classroom. It happened very naturally, unplanned by me. A student brought A Boy Called Bat up to me, asking if I would book talk it. Right then another girl piped up and said that she knew I was reading the second book, and had decided to put the first book in front of one of our Realistic Fiction book baskets because she thought someone might want to read it. What a lovely and thoughtful moment in our reading lives. 

As a teacher and blogger, I am so thankful to share my reading and thoughts with a wide audience of adults from all over, but even more grateful to share them with my small group of students.
When I am done the reviewing process, I get to put these books right into the hands of my readers. And this particular one is 100% perfect for my third grade class. 

I'd recommend this series to readers ages 8-11.


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