Back to School Blog Tour: Z Goes First!

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Today I'm sharing a quirky alphabet story with you.

From the Book:

The letter Z is tired of being in last place—she wants to go first! So she and her best friend, Y, decide to move to the front of the alphabet. 

There are a lot of letters in the way! D blocks the path with his belly (too many doughnuts). I is too full of himself (“I am incredible”). And L, M, N, O, and P stick together like a brick wall. They all teach Z and Y that the full alphabet is lot more complicated than just ABC.

With Mike Perry’s eye-popping artwork and Sean Lamb’s clever twists on everyday letters, this new kind of alphabet book takes you on an unforgettable adventure all the way from A to Z and back again. 

My Thoughts:

Kids of various ages can enjoy this story. There are the vibrant technicolor illustrations to pull in all ages. The silly letter characters will delight the youngest reader, and the older reader will get a chuckle out of the playfulness of the story. Each letter has a personality carefully thought up. What will Q do with that tail, and which letter does Q want to pass a "Hello" on to?
What's so great about R and S and T? Why does E think so highly of himself? Which letters are in a tight little clique? Read on to uncover the truths about the personalities of the letters in the alphabet you thought you knew so well!

When you come to the end of this story you might just want to read it again!

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