Thank You, Crow *Review & Giveaway*

Today on the blog, a sweet little story about a simple act of kindness and the impact it makes.
And because Penny Candy Books is all about #spreadkindness, let's spread some by giving away a copy of Thank You, Crow by Michael Minkovitz, illustrated by Jose D. Medina!

It begins with a discovery.

And what follows is a boy helping-

and a crow appreciating!

What's especially sweet about this story is the kind nature of the boy and the crow. The crow continues to show appreciation by bringing the boy random gifts. The boy has no need for these random gifts, but says nothing of that to the crow so as not to hurt its feelings. 
In the end, there is one more surprise revealed!

A beautiful little read aloud!
Enter to win a copy for your home, classroom, or library!

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