We Are (Not) Friends *Review & Giveaway!*

I am so excited to be sharing another story by Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant!

You might remember:

In this latest story about these two lovable buddies, a new character enters the scene. 
As the bears point out who will be who in a new imaginary game, up comes a rabbit with a simple request: Can I play with you?
A totally normal question.
A question we want our young ones to ask.
A simple question with what proves to be a not so simple answer.

One bear says Yes! without a moment's hesitation.
The other bear does. not. seem. pleased.

How will this new (Not) friend change things between the bears?
Can a new friend turn out to be fun, or will someone always be the third wheel? Because there are definitely going to be some third wheel moments.

With more fast and fun dialogue, and the same bright, bold illustrations, young readers will love this newest edition!

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Thank you to Blue Slip Media and Two Lions for sponsoring this giveaway! Good Luck!

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  1. Love this series! Poor bear! It certainly isn't fun being the third wheel, but I'm sure they all work it out!


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