Unstoppable Me: Review, Author visit, and Giveaway!

Today I'm hosting author Susan Verde and offering a giveaway!

Here is where Unstoppable Me came from, it's motivation, and the hope behind it, written by Susan Verde:

Unstoppable Me was brewing in my head and was actually on paper for quite sometime! Writing this story felt important to me for many reasons. I myself was a kid who had my own challenges and difficulty sitting still. I remember feeling like I was doing something wrong and being told to stop when I really couldn’t. As you might imagine this didn’t feel good. Then, as a teacher and subsequently a parent, I had students and my own kids who also needed to move their bodies in order to learn and thrive and find joy. I knew that I needed to take an approach with them that was different from my own experience. I knew they needed to be “seen” and appreciated and that as exhausting as it may have been I had to let them know that this wasn’t a flaw but rather a part of what made them special. This is what inspired Unstoppable Me

This story is one in which the main character sees himself as amazing with all of his energy and movement! I wanted this sweet child to own and love this part of himself, and in doing so it was my hope that the reader would do the same. Parents and caregivers sharing this story will see themselves in the illustrations as being both worn out but also unconditionally loving and appreciating this abundance of energy. Every person has their own challenges and their own way of learning and being in the world. My mission is to remind everyone that these parts of ourselves are worth loving and appreciating and to look for the positives. We are all worthy and we are all UNSTOPPABLE!!

I'd say this book is a perfect addition to any home, school, or public library. Best suited for ages 2-6 as a light and fun read, or a way to have conversations about how it feels to be Unstoppable, or to be around someone who is Unstoppable. My 3 and 5 year-olds give it two thumbs up! Andrew Joyner's illustrations perfectly capture that Unstoppable child! The pictures are bright, wide-eyed, motion!

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