Grandparents Day Picture Books!

I'm so excited to share this varied collection of stories featuring the love and impact of a grandparent. And interestingly, each story focuses on a single grandparent. Use these to spark conversations about your own family or get one to read aloud and share with a grandparent.

Candlewick Press, 2018

Cecilia Ruiz, born and raised in Mexico City, tells a beautiful story in words and images. A grandmother lovingly tucks away spare money whenever she can in the hope of buying her granddaughter a large and special gift some day. When the government changes their currency the grandmother forgets to turn it in, and now she has a dusty jar of worthless money. What becomes of the money is the sweet idea of the granddaughter, who has grown up a bit.

Touching, sad, and relatable is this story of a grandmother and her granddaughter spending so much special time together, and then finding their visits less and less frequent. 

Both the story and the illustrations get two thumbs up!

Candlewick, 2019

Well, there's going to be a little something sad in many of these grandparent books, isn't there?
In this sweet story Wendy Meddour tells a tale of a small boy wanting the attention of his grandfather. Wanting him to see and hear him. Wanting him to play trains with him.

When it seems that the grandfather will only pay attention to the garden he is watering, the boy complains to his mother. She sends him off to ask his grandfather if he'd like a sandwich. The boy then spontaneously asks his grandfather what his top three sandwiches are, and so the game begins.

Once the grandfather has opened up about his top three sandwiches, more top threes emerge, leading up to a beautiful and touching final scene in which the two discuss their top three Grannies.

Daniel Egneus' watercolor illustrations convey just the right emotions and tone to the story.
Love it!

Candlewick Press, 2019

Jaime Kim's bright crayon and acrylic illustrations liven up this repeating story that centers around, you guessed it, a table that Grandad built!

And on that table go things from other family members: Napkins sewn by Mom, forks and spoons and knives from Dad's grandma, and flowers picked by a cousin. And around that table gather family and friends to feast and give thanks.

A cute one by Melanie Heuiser Hill!

Candlewick Press, 2019

Mina Javaherbin and Lindsey Yankey bring us a gentle story of a girl recounting her time with her grandmother while growing up in Iran. Through the story the young girl remembers with fondness all the simple and wonderful everyday things her grandmother did.

After reading this story invite listeners to share the simple and wonderful everyday things their own grandparents do. For me: Brewing the perfect cup of coffee, feeding the seagulls when the neighbors aren't home, and letting loose those happy and raspy laughs.

Candlewick Press, 2019

Oh my word, this one had me all glossy eyed by the end!

I couldn't stop admiring the gorgeous cut paper illustrations in Joowon Oh's story about an adorable Papa.

The first part of the book leads us on Papa's normal daily routine, and into the next day, where he buys some special supplies for his Thursday visit with his granddaughter.

I don't know if it is the simplicity of the story, the realness of it, or the yearning it stirs up to not waste any day, but this one got to me. Big time. Which is to say, I love it.

I hope you found a new book to check out!
Thanks to Candlewick Press for these review copies.
And thanks to you for stopping by!


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