Spring 2022 Picture & Board Book Round-Up! Part 1


What's more fun than loads of new books? Join me as we take a peek into some new releases from a few of my favorite children's lit publishers. 

Board Books:

We Are Shapes by Melinda Beck
Phaidon, April 2022

Sleek and glossy to touch, bold and bright to behold.
All the shapes look and act in different ways. Sometimes these differences work together, sometimes trouble arises. But in the end, as friends do, they come together to make something sweet.

Our Seasons: The World in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn words by Sue Lowell Gallion,  pictures by Lisk Feng
Phaidon, April 2022

Two years ago I fell in love with Our World, make in the same vein as Our Seasons. I could not have been more thrilled to open this second title. 

Let's begin with the form and function of this clever board book. Standing at about a foot tall, this book turns into a gorgeous display when you open it fully to create a free-standing globe. Magnetic closures keep the book in place for you to admire to your heart's content.
And when you want to do more than admire this lovely book, you'll be in for a treat as you journey through its pages, across 4 intricately illustrated seasons. 
The text in the book supports multiple levels of complexity. Want to keep it basic for your youngest? Read the text in the white box for a sweet and simple story. Want to dig in a little deeper? Add on the finer print for a bit more information about each scene.

This standout title is an ideal selection for baby shower and birthday gifting. 

Picture Books:

No Nibbling! words by Beth Ferry, art by A. N. Kang
Roaring Brook Press, March 2022

A lively tromp through the growing garden, with enough vegetable play-on-words to make all you veggie lovers laugh!
Derwood goat is growing a garden, and taking it oh, so seriously. Tabitha the bunny has stars in her eyes when she sees all that luscious food growing. But Derwood has zero intentions of letting Tabitha get her chompers on a single nibble.  Will their friendship grow as well as Derwood's garden? 

This is a School words by John Schu, illustrations by Veronica Miller Jamison
Candlewick Press, March 2022

This book is giving me major All Are Welcome vibes. From the bright, vibrant colors, the pages chock full of diverse characters, set to the backdrop of a school setting that feels alive, all the way down to the jacket that doubles as a poster. I'll say they hit the mark with their poster cover because removing the jacket reveals the original cover underneath, which is key.
If you're looking for an upbeat and positive read aloud to kick off the school year, keep this one in mind! Would also make a wonderful end-of-year or Teacher Appreciation gift for the primary grades.

Mel Fell by Corey R. Tabor
Balzer + Bray, Feb 2021
Caldecott Honor Book

Although this one certainly isn't new this season, it is new to me! And was sent to me recently, so I'm including it. Also including it because I love it!

One day Mama is away from the nest and Mel decides she is ready to try flying. Her siblings are not ready to take the risk, but Mel launches with courage. Squirrels, spider, bees, and other tree top neighbors try to slow her down, afraid for the worst. But Mel surprises them all (readers included) with what happens next!

To read the book it must be held vertically, giving it an extra fun touch.

My Day in the Park by Marta Orzel
Blue Dot Kids Press, May 2022

A concept book, elevated. Follow a child as a family spends a day at the park. All the everyday, simple pleasures are appreciated.
I love the art style, layout, and design. Kids will love talking through all the pages, and will likely crave to get outside after! 

Have You Ever Seen a Flower? By Shawn Harris
Chronicle Books, May 2021 
Caldecott Honor Book

Also not new, but I had to include this one in my spring round-up because have you ever seen such an eye-catching cover?! 

"Have you ever seen a flower? I mean really...seen a flower?"

When do we stop really seeing the amazingness of what is around us? 
Follow a young child who has not forgotten what it means to notice and appreciate something as common and utterly mysterious to us as a flower. 

I am Golden written by Eva Chen, illustrated by Sophie Diao
Feiwel and Friends, February 2022

The front jacket-flap describes this story as "...joyful and lyrical picture book....a moving ode to the immigrant experience, as well as a manifesto of self-love for Chinese American Children." And it certainly is all that, but after reading the author's note I was moved even deeper to appreciate and feel for this experience. Please don't skip this author's note with your readers.
Honor where you have come from.

Revel in family traditions!

I hope you've enjoyed a peek at some new and noteworthy board and picture books. 
There's more to come, and I hope you find something that speaks to you!


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