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Today is particularly special because Drifters finds its way into the world today! 
Or maybe it was already here and we just forgot about it...
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About the Book

From the acclaimed author of the Chronicle of the Dark Star comes a riveting mystery, perfect for fans of Stranger Things, about a girl who sets out to find her missing best friend—and discovers her small town is hiding a dark, centuries-old secret.
Jovie is adrift. She’d been feeling alone ever since her best friend, Micah, left her behind for a new group of friends—but when Micah went missing last fall, Jovie felt truly lost.
Now, months later, the search parties have been called off, and the news alerts have dried up. There’s only Jovie, biking around Far Haven, Washington, putting up posters with Micah’s face on them, feeling like she’s the only one who remembers her friend at all.
This feeling may be far closer to the truth than Jovie knows. As strange storms beset Far Haven, she is shocked to discover that Micah isn’t just missing—she’s been forgotten completely by everyone in town. And Micah isn’t the only one: there are others, roaming the beaches, camped in the old bunkers, who have somehow been lost from the world.
When Jovie and her new friend Sylvan dig deeper, they learn that the town’s history is far stranger and more deadly than anyone knows. Something disastrous is heading for Far Haven, and Jovie and Sylvan soon realize that it is up to them to save not only Micah, but everyone else who has been lost to the world and set adrift—now, in the past, and in the future.

My thoughts:

Sci-fi is probably my least favorite genre. I just don't love space travel, technology that is way beyond my comprehension, or the general coldness that is often found in the genre. So I accepted this gig knowing that I might have to dig deep to get through it. Then it arrived, and at over 500 pages I knew I was in for it. Only, I didn't know how much I would truly love this story.

It didn't take me long to be totally devoted to finding out what was going on in Far Haven. The first chapter laid out a cryptic scene from 1898 and I was immediately curious to where this story would lead me.

 Told in alternating times and perspectives, you'll feel exhilarated at working to piece it all together. But it's not all action, adventure, and mystery. There is so much heart to this story. I'd say that as enticing as the mysterious plot is, the relationships Emerson has created between the children with each other, and the children with their families, is what cements this book solidly to our reality. I loved the pure innocence between the children, stepping into teen years and all that comes with it. The children are the kind of people we would want to know. And their parents are imperfect, as most of us are. It's hard to say what Emerson did a better job at: writing a super mysterious sci-fi adventure, or writing a story about the power of  family and of our friendships. Read it and let me know what you think.

About the Author

Kevin Emerson is the author of Last Days on Mars and The Oceans Between Stars, as well as The Fellowship for Alien Detection, the Exile series, the Atlanteans series, the
Oliver Nocturne
 series, and Carlos is Gonna Get It. Kevin lives with his family in Seattle. You can visit him online at www.kevinemerson.net

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