First Read Aloud

In response to Colby Sharp's post on Nerdy Book Club's Blog:
Send in a picture of your first read aloud of the year.

What a decision!  I read a few picture books that day and start our class novel read aloud (and can't forget poetry), but I had to pick just ONE for the picture, so I picked a good one.  A special one.  One that I will touch back upon day after day after day.

What is your first read aloud of 2012-2013?  Leave a comment to let me know how you start the year!!

Yeah, I really am that excited to share this book.  

In case you can't see it that well:

The Golden Rule
Written by Ilene Cooper, Illustrated by Gabi Swiatkowska
Harry Abrams, 2007
32 pages
All ages.  And I mean all.

Amazon will give you a nice peek inside.  Go look!

Alright, I can't wait to see what others are reading for the first day!



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