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The reason I am posting these pictures is because I LOVE scouring the internet for pictures of classrooms, especially classroom libraries.  Seeing what others have created or designed is so inspiring to us as teachers. We take ideas from others and add our own touch to them, and on it goes.

Setting up a classroom library can take forever.  But since it is one of the most important parts of the classroom, it is well worth it.  I loop from 3rd to 4th grade, so I do a major shift when going back down to 3rd.  I remove hundreds of books from the library, in order to be sure that my students have an ever growing collection of appropriate books to choose from. I slowly add books back to the library over the 2 year cycle, through book talks and other means.

And there were a few new labels to make for new series.  Like 2 new series (that will be great for 3rd grade) I learned about this summer from other teachers: Heidi Heckelbeck and Captain Awesome.  Before I can even think school, I have to have my library set up.  And finally, I think it is right on the brink of being organized how I want it for the 2012-2013 school year!

So, sit back and flip through a few photos.

Classics & by series

Series & audio books.
Most of my audio books are saved for 4th grade due to complexity and content.

Poetry, Novels in Verse & Books Made in Classrooms next to it.

 I remove a ton of books to gradually add into the library throughout the year, and since I also save a bunch for 4th grade, my graphic novel collection is the saddest version of itself right now.
2 side by side shelves by author.

Scary books by series and genre.

Books by series.

More series.

Assorted picture books are along the bottom far shelf.

Now here's the other side of the room.

These shelves used to be coat racks, but they took up a ton of space, looked messy, and there were more hooks in the the fiance was great and turned them into bookshelves!

Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure, Based on TV, Star Wars.

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Mystery, Wisdom basket & Fable/Myth/Fairy Tale basket.

Unicorn basket, Horse Stories, Animal Ark, Dog Stories, Animal Stories (novels as well as picture books), Nonfiction Animal, Dinosaurs.
Biographies, World history, US history, Informational US, Stories from Around the World, War basket, Historical Fiction.
General Nonfiction, Sports, Native American basket, US Geography, World Geography, Solar System/Space, DK basket.

Reference books, Alphabet, Math, Gail Gibbons, Magazines, more Nonfiction.

Some close-ups:

Rain gutter end caps.  Love this idea that I first saw in the fabulous classroom next door. 

One shelf is the Hot Off the Press shelf, where I display 2012 books right now. 

This shelf is by the door and houses the current collection of the Maine Student Book Award Books.  I keep it by the door because my Book Club kids from other grades can get to it quickly and easily.  Right now most are checked out by students.  I sent home over 100 books for the summer with my students.

Thanks for touring the library!

Thought I would throw this in because I...just like it!  Kids check in here first thing in the morning.  I can quickly see who is having hot lunch or milk and who is absent.

I found the little letter tiles at TJMaxx, and kind of bought a bunch.



  1. Amazing. You make me feel like such a slacker! I haven't even gone into school yet. Well done!


  2. Molly! I have been teaching summer school for 4 weeks, so I've been in my room anyway and just slowly got things situated. And hey, if you need a hand, just holler!


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