Ivy and Bean Day Fun, Fun, Fun

Well, it's Tuesday, which means I have let down hundreds of thousands of blog following fans by not posting my It's Monday post. 

Ok, hundreds of thousands might be a stretch, but hey, you're here!   That's plenty good in my book.

Last week we celebrated Ivy and Bean Day!  

Fun included reading:

The kids listened to it during snack and our afternoon read aloud time.  We continued it during snack for the next 2 days.  If you haven't read an Ivy and Bean book yet, you are missing out on some fun times.  These two are total crack-ups.  Even though Ivy and Bean are second graders, my third grade guys and gals truly enjoyed the book.  
Later that day we made invisible ink Ivy and Bean style.  Idea courtesy of the blog Kid Lit Frenzy.

Kids were given the name of a classmate and wrote a secret message to that friend.  We let the "ink" dry while we went to lunch and recess.  Later we came back to paint over the messages in grape juice concentrate.  A fun time for the little scientists! 

To end the fun the kids got an Ivy and Bean word search and got to pick from the fun goodies sent by Chronicle Books!

Can't I just spend my days celebrating great books and awesome characters?!  

Oh wait...I do.  Just not with enough stickers and confetti.

I wasn't the only one wearing advertising for the event...I was greeted by this hilarious walking billboard.  (It was also Miss Dietlin's birthday, she observes and teaches on Fridays this semester.)

Gotta love Book Love!


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