*Duck and Hippo Lost and Found* Blog Tour

My thoughts:

What fun I had reading this book aloud to my son! For a three year old the book is amusing and eye catching. For slightly older readers there is room for a bit of wondering and questioning. Such as, Did Hippo make a wise and thoughtful decision to go looking for berries? The right intentions were certainly there, but how did his actions effect his friends? Would it have been a nicer day if he had not gone looking for something to contribute to the picnic? 

The illustrations are delightfully old-timey and silly and fun, I think you'll like them!

Have some fun:

Check out some free downloadable pages at https://www.andrewjoyner.com.au/activities/ 

And win the books!

Giveaway sponsored by Two Lions: Duck and Hippo Lost and Found and Duck and Hippo in the Rainstorm (U.S. addresses)

Winner will be randomly selected on Friday, September 1st. (Bah, September already?!)

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