*Henry Whiskers* Blog Tour

I am delighted to be sharing with you a new series, perfect for our younger readers!

Henry Whiskers is a new mouse character for kids to go on adventures with. Though we have fallen in love with other small rodents, we have never hung out with one in such a cool setting!

Henry and his family live in Queen Mary's dollhouse in Windsor Castle. Here, take a peek:

This setting reminds me of the Thorne Rooms which exist in Chicago and also in the fictional pages The Sixty-Eight Rooms.

The mouse and the setting will be enough to hook your readers, then pacing of these little adventures and the cast of characters will surely keep them hooked.

It gets better, I have the chance to give away a set of the first two books!
Good luck, and share the love! You sharing this post spreads awareness of this new series. As a 3rd and 4th grade teacher I have always been on the lookout for books that are not only accessible to kids, but exciting and engaging for them to experience.
Good Luck! 
Winner will be chosen randomly on Friday, September 8th.


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