The Prince and the Dressmaker *Blog Tour & Giveaway*

February, 2018

At nearly 300 pages long, there is a lot to love within these pages. Dressmaker Frances is all we want to be. She is independent, driven, and talented. She is also loyal, trustworthy, and kind. Prince Sebastian could not have found a better dressmaker, or friend, than he found in Frances. Their complicated relationship somehow seems uncomplicated because it is sweet and gentle at its core.

For this tour bloggers are asked to share their favorite panel or page from the book. Here is my choice:
Why I love this panel: This is the first time Sebastian puts on one of Frances' designs. Frances looks so surprised. Is it because her dress is so beautiful? Because Sebastian is so beautiful in her dress? Because Sebastian is wearing a dress in front of her? You'll need to read the next page for more insight.
I also love how happy Sebastian looks. You can feel it radiating off the page. The confidence he gains from Frances' designs and friendship change his life, and this is just the beginning.

The final section of the book is a glimpse into Jen Wang's process of creating The Prince and the Dressmaker. When I got to this section I had already thoroughly enjoyed the story, and then I was given pause to really let the process of creating it sink in. I think you're going to enjoy every bit of this one.

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  1. Loved this panel! I think you described it perfectly - especially Sebastian's confidence in Frances' dress!


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