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I had such a blast reading Two Truths and a Lie: It's Alive last year, and went on to share it with SO many people. It's exciting to get a book that is interesting, creative, and FUN! From the very beginning I knew there would be more to come from this creative pair of authors. You can imagine the thrill I felt when I pulled Two Truths and a Lie: Histories and Mysteries out of its padded envelope. And as much fun as I had with the first, I might be swayed to say I had more fun with this second installment! The things I learned were so interesting! And though there were a few stories that felt like the obvious fakes to me due to less impressive graphics than their true counterparts, it didn't lessen my love of the book. Kids are going to eat. this. up. 
I should know, I spend a million hours a year around kids. And I often think and act like one myself. (One of those is a fib.)

If you're not familiar with the first Two Truths, here's the lowdown on how the books are designed:

The books are divided into Parts. (Hazy Histories, Peculiar Places, Perplexing People)

Then chapters within those Parts have their own title (Over 1,000 Years Ago, Supernatural, Curious Culture, etc.)

Within each Chapter you will find stories A, B, and C. All are written to sound factual, and all are quite intriguing.  There were times when I was hoping the story I was reading was the fake because it just needed to not be real ;) Ha, but I can't spoil it for you.

The book closes with a Research Guide and an Answer Guide (and of course all the sources and important things like that).

In a time when we are blasted with real and fake news, it's important for kids to see that things can be written in a way that makes us believe it, no matter how inaccurate the information is! History is amazing, interesting, and exciting-this book proves that that is 100% true!

Click on the cover of the first Two Truths and a Lie to relive all my love for that book. And find the line that makes me cringe when I reread it. Yeah, you'll know it when you see it.

Check out the other stops on the Tour and then pop on down to enter for a chance to win the newly released Two Truths and a Lie: Histories and Mysteries as well as the newly released paperback version of Two Truths and a Lie: It's Alive!!


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