Crossings: Extraordinary Structures for Extraordinary Animals


Thoughts on the Writing: It's easy to see how this book can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages. Large text on each page conveys a main description of how animals are crossing over, under, or through a man-made passageway. Smaller print paragraphs expand with additional  information for readers ready for more. 

Illustration Style: Digitally created illustrations look almost glossy and stark, not full of depth, but not without detail. The illustrations keep the reader focused on the primary subject of each page, and the colors vary to match the various settings around the world.

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STEM Extension Idea: Research or discuss an animal (local or not) that needs protecting. Design a bridge to help that animal cross safely. 

Design a Paper Bridge

Videos: Examples of Animal Crossings:

Get Outside!:

Maine Gov Scavenger Hunt

Animal Parks & Zoos in Maine

Food Connections: For when you want to add refreshments to your book events!

Animal Themed Snacks

Literature Connections Base on: Theme, topic, characters, setting, curriculum connections

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