Cubs in the Tub


Thoughts on the Story: One of my favorites on this year's Chickadee list! There is so much to love here. Our central character, Helen Matini is a hero we can look-up to. A hero that did something that didn't immediately effect masses of people, but a hero that worked quietly to make a difference to the lives of baby animals. And though her work seemed centrally located to her place in the world, we know that each woman in history that stepped outside her expected role in society helped change the lives of those that followed. So the book can go broad in discussion with older readers, or stay focused on an adorable and heartwarming story about Helen's love of her foster babies.

Illustration Style: This artwork is described as being created with “TK”. I have looked online, asked an art teacher, and still can’t figure out what that means exactly. The illustrations look like they are made with pencil, watercolor, and perhaps some digital altering. The illustrations transport you to the time period through the clothing styles and patterns used. The colors are soft, giving the the story a gentle feel. Realistic with a touch of whimsy.

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Paint a tiger: tutorial for kids

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Animal Parks & Zoos in Maine

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Make tiger brownies. Yum!

Literature Connections Base on: Theme, topic, characters, setting, curriculum connections

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